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Mind Games | Family Voices | Failing Parents

Mind Games | Family Voices | Failing Parents

Though father and mother forsake me, the Lord will take me up. Psalm 27:10 

Selah was placed in foster care at the age of 2 for sexual abuse. After bouncing from house to house, a family finally adopted her. But within months, her teachers saw the bruises and DHS yanked her from her adoptive parents and placed her with another family. Three times, Selah was adopted and sent back to the state for horrific abuse. “All I want is a family,” she whispered into her dampened pillow at night, wondering if there was a God who heard. But there was.  And He directed her to Psalm 27:10 where her eyes froze on the page. He knew! God knew about her! Through the next decade of chaos, she held on to that verse, hoping she would meet this God who wanted to be her Father. Pain led her to a counselor’s office where she finally did. 

Sometimes parents don’t do the job God sent them to do and it breaks His heart. Instead of love and affirmation, we hear: “I don’t want you! You’ll never amount to anything!” Fathers and mothers may let us down, misuse, abuse, or forsake us. But God promises that no one has to be an orphan unless they choose it. He offers to parent us. His mighty hand swoops down from the heavens and scoops us up. His voice can replace the voice of family as He whispers, “I’ve got you. You’re mine. I won’t let you go.” Abuse or neglect by a parent has no bearing on our worth as individuals. Those parents were already broken before we came along. Despite family, no one has to live abandoned or rejected. If we turn to God, He will take us up. 

Final Thought:  Parental voices are often the loudest in our minds. Are those voices telling you the truth as God declares it?
Prayer: Lord God, Jesus said if we put our trust in Him, we can call you Father. You know the void I’ve always felt, but I turn to you now and ask you to meet those deep heart needs. Cleanse me of sin and help me live as your child. In His name, amen.