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Mind Games | Family Voices | Listen

Mind Games | Family Voices | Listen

Eli’s sons wouldn’t listen to their father, for the LORD was already planning to put them to death. 1 Samuel 2:25

Eli may have been a good priest, but he failed as a father. His two grown sons were supposed to follow him into the ministry, but instead, they used the temple as Party Central. They intercepted the sacrifices and took what they wanted, seducing girls on their way out. They were running wild and although Eli pleaded with them to stop, he did not enforce it. Eli was typical of permissive parents who throw up their hands as their kids tear up your house, saying, “Kids. Whaddya do?” God did not throw up His hands. He knew exactly what to do. He sent word to Eli that He was going to destroy those sons—and He did.

Sometimes family has our best interest in mind, and we are wise to listen. Mothers who prayed for us and fathers who laid down the law may not have been perfect, but they were trying to protect us from self-destruction. But because they made us mad in our teens, we took off, making choices that validated their warnings. Decades later, addiction, hurt, or pride won’t let us return. Those voices we rejected were right and the shame is overwhelming. But swallowing our pride is a small price to pay for self-respect and the trust of people who love us. Eli’s sons refused to listen to their father, and God killed them. They serve as a warning to the rebels who are still running. Stop. Humble yourself and listen to wise advice. It may save your life.

Final Thought:  Are you still running from wise counsel you wouldn’t accept at the time? STOP. Turn around. Start over.

Prayer: Lord, I’m not sure I can call you that since I’ve been running from good advice my whole life. I’m ready to stop. I don’t want waste any more of my life. I should have listened then, but I’m listening now. Help me start over. In Jesus’ name, amen.