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Mind Games | Family Voices | Revenge

Mind Games | Family Voices | Revenge

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done… Genesis 50:20  

You daydream about it, that moment when the tables are turned and you can show them all. Those mocking faces, ridiculing voices, those people who said you’d never make it. But they were wrong. You did make it and now you can’t wait to rub their faces in it. You picture them with a flat tire in the pouring rain…and you drive past with a wave. Or they made a bad investment, blew their money, and they come begging for a loan. You smile as you imagine the sweet taste of revenge.

If anyone had a right to fantasies like those, it was Joseph. His brothers didn’t just ridicule him, they sold him into slavery. It was sibling rivalry on steroids. He may have had a daydream or two about what he’d like to do if he ever saw them again, but he didn’t keep those dreams. Instead, he handed them to God whose method of revenge is much better.

The last time those heartless guys saw their crying teenage brother, he was tied to the back of a wagon being led away to Egypt. The next time they saw him, they were bowing to him as a king. Joseph had the power to imprison them all, but he had grown up during those difficult years. He chose to see God’s hand in it and could be gracious rather than vindictive. Because Joseph let God handle the injustice, the future nation of Israel was saved and Joseph was its hero. God’s revenge is always sweeter.

Final Thought:  You can take your own revenge, or you can entrust it to God who has better methods of making things right. 

Prayer: Father, you already know about my dreams of evening the score with some people. I know that’s not right, so I hand my hurt to you now. I will turn away from imagining revenge and trust you to make this right. In Jesus’ name, Amen.