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Mind Games | Making Change | Present Yourself

Mind Games | Making Change | Present Yourself

Cedar Point

I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship…  Romans 12:1 

Maybe you’ve known God for a long time. Maybe you’re just now coming to know Him. You’re going to church, trying to read your Bible, but what’s next? There’s so much in that Bible. How do you know what to do with it all? How do you get from where you were to where you want to be? Romans 12:1-2 makes it simple for us. We are to present ourselves to God the way a person presents an offering. We offer our bodies and our minds to Him and let go. They’re not ours anymore.

That’s where we dig in our heels. We love the ideas of forgiveness, friendship with Jesus, and the promise of heaven. But we like control. We’re not sure God wants the same things for us that we want, so we plan to veto anything we don’t like and hope God will be fine with that. He’s not. Unless we are all in, we’re not in at all. The first step in learning to follow Jesus is to show up for roll call with the attitude, “Here I am, Lord. How can I serve you today?” What we discover is that when we present ourselves as a sacrifice, He DOES want for us what we want. He wants us to experience, peace, love, joy, and purpose. He wants to free us from our enslavement to sin. But He can only do that when we willingly hand over control every day.

Final Thought: Practice daily surrendering yourself to the lordship of Jesus. Watch how He works in your day.

Prayer: Father, I struggle with control. I want to follow you, but I’ve been afraid to totally surrender to you in every area. It’s only holding me back from being all you’ve called me to be. So now, I present my body and my mind as living sacrifices. Amen.