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Mind Games | Making Change | Set Your Affection

Mind Games | Making Change | Set Your Affection

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Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. Colossians 3:2

We are what we think. Whatever we dwell on defines the direction of our lives. We may not see it, but other people do. When we spend our free time drooling over the latest gadget, movie star, fashion trend, or financial scheme, our minds become worldly. But when we spend our free time gazing at the beauty of Christ and the future He has in store for us, our minds become other-worldly. Other-worldly Christians have invited God to renew their minds and transform their affections.

Other-worldly Christians have had an encounter with the living God. They’ve had an on-your-face, awe-inspiring, holy moment when the presence of God was more real than the furniture in the room. In that moment, earth lost its appeal. From then on, nothing fascinates them more than the thought of encountering God again. They struggle through life like everyone else, but their affections are set elsewhere. Dream about the moment they will fall to their knees before Jesus. Imagine the forever home He is preparing for them and live to earn rewards that they can throw at His feet. When our hearts are enthralled with earthly things, we are dull to spiritual realities. But when our affections are set on Him, this world loses its appeal.

Final Thought:  Are your affections set on things of this world or on things above? 

Prayer: Father, I want to be an other-worldly Christian. What’s in the way? What holds my attention that keeps me from being totally enraptured by you? Reveal to me what I treasure more than you so my affections are set above. In Jesus’ name, amen.