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Mind Games | Voices From the Past | Remember

Mind Games | Voices From the Past | Remember

The LORD who rescued me from the…lion and the bear will rescue me from this Philistine!” 1 Samuel 17:37

Boy meets giant, kills giant with a slingshot, and is hero. We’ve heard every moral lesson that could be squeezed out of this historical event, but they only weaken its real message. This is not a tale of the underdog winning the day or a challenge to face your own giants. It’s the account of a fresh-faced boy who hadn’t wasted his teen years. He’d built a history with God. Because of that history, he could face the impossible. David would never have attempted to kill Goliath on his own. That would have been suicide. But he’d seen what God could do, and that gave him courage to engage in a battle God wanted to win. 

One command God repeats throughout scripture is: “Remember.” When His people were facing impossible odds, God would remind them of what He’d done for them in the past. “Remember how I delivered you. Remember how I provided for you.” God had delivered and provided for them but not always the way they expected. God performs miracles for His own purposes. If we are seeking those purposes, He will do it again. When an enemy taunted the armies of God, David’s outrage was not for himself. His zeal was for the reputation and honor of His God. Remembering God’s deliverance in the past gave him courage to fight for what was right. We each have memories of God’s deliverance and provision in our lives and we can build on those memories when faced with another battle. As long as the battle is the Lord’s, we can expect a miracle.

Final Thought:  Have you built a history with God so that you can face the impossible with faith and courage?
Prayer: Lord, I’ve tried to have faith like David’s, but you didn’t come through for me like you did for him. Now I’m wondering if the reason might be because my battles were my own, not yours. Help me choose my battles wisely.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.