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More Than Love | Lame Commands

More Than Love | Lame Commands

Cedar Point

Stepping into one of the boats, Jesus asked Simon, its owner, to push it out into the water.  Luke 5:3


Jesus’ first command to the man who would later become one of Christianity’s foremost evangelists was very simple. He stepped into Peter’s boat and said, “Let’s go.” That was all. It was something Peter could do, but it must have seemed a little lame. After all, this Man was God come to earth. He was healing people, driving out demons, baffling the Brainiacs, and all Peter could do was row a boat. Maybe a few thoughts flew through his head as he picked up the oars. Don’t you want me to fight somebody, Lord? Shout down the Pharisees? Round up the wicked people? “No, Peter,” came the answer. “Just row.”


Sometimes God’s commands to us seem a little lame, too. We’re ready to do great things. Scale mountains. Fight the wicked. Win the war of words, ideas, and theology. The place where we are can seem insignificant, even boring. Like rowing a boat. Inside, we’re shouting: Don’t you want me to set them in their place, Lord? Should I start a campaign? Raise funds for your causes? Rally the troops? “No, child,” He says. “Just let me get into your boat. What are you doing right now? How about if I use it for eternal purposes. I’ve given you some commands; wrote them down for you. Are you following them? One day I will do great things through you, but you’re not ready. Practice obedience, endurance, right where you are. So…start rowing.”


Final Thought:  What commands of Jesus do you know about right now? How well are you following them?


Prayer: Jesus, I feel frustrated that I should be doing great things for you. But maybe your definition of “great” is different from mine. Obedience right where I am seems boring, but that’s where greatness starts, doesn’t it? I’m ready to start rowing. Amen.