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New Year’s Refusal – Tuesday

New Year’s Refusal – Tuesday


“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”  – Psalm 90:12

A single tear slid down leathery folds of skin. “Fool!” the old man rasped. “I’ve been a fool. First I was a young fool, thinking I had plenty of time. Then I was a middle-aged fool, thinking I was too busy. Now I’m a dying old fool and it’s too late for me.” The young minister grasped the old man’s veiny hand and tried to sound hopeful. “No sir, it’s never too late—”

“Yes, it is,” the wheezing voice interrupted. “I don’t even want to find God. I’ve been a fool so long I can’t desire anything else.”

Sleep—Get up—Work—Eat—Pay Bills—Repeat. Hope for a little fun once in a while, and that’s all we ask. But is that all there is? What if that idea was generated in Satan’s own factory? Instead of that cycle representing the sole purpose of life, those elements are merely stepping stones to our purpose—gaining a heart of wisdom. We cannot have true wisdom without spending time in God’s presence and in His word. Satan knows that, so he suggests we have plenty of time: “You can always study the Bible later.” “When the kids are grown you’ll get more committed.” “When you get married you can start living morally.” God’s wisdom is ours for the asking, but Satan keeps us entrenched in excuses so that we never get around to accessing it. Whatever we’ve invested in eternity is all we’ll take with us. Learn to number your days; the clock is ticking… 

Final Thought: 

Refuse to ignore the brevity of your life. There may not be another chance to get right with God.


God, am I making excuses for not being fully committed? I’ve been allowing my enemy to trick me into waiting until it’s too late to seek wisdom. Make me aware of how short life is and help me live with eternity in mind.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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