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New Year’s Refusals – Wednesday

New Year’s Refusals – Wednesday


“…each person is destined to die once and after that comes judgment… ” – Hebrews 9:27

Humanity has invented dozens of outlandish scenarios to make itself feel better about death. The Bible is clear, but the idea of death and then judgement makes us uncomfortable. So we’ve created ideas like Purgatory (where you get a second chance), Reincarnation (where you come back as something else), Nothingness (where you simply disintegrate), and Universalism (where it doesn’t matter because we’re all going to the same place). The problem with all of those is that we don’t get to vote on it. It’s God’s call. Period. God created life, God sustains life, God numbers our days, and God has decreed that there are only two options after death: heaven or hell. We’ll all stand before Him, answer for ourselves, and receive His final verdict.    

If that thought makes your hair stand on end, then let’s address that fear. Since we’ve all sinned, none of us can stand before God and expect heaven as our reward. Heaven is perfect; we’re not. So we’d ruin the atmosphere. That’s why Jesus stepped in, took our sin upon Himself, and paid for it with His life. God punished Him instead of us, so that if we choose to lose ourselves in Christ’s perfection, we get to call His righteousness our own. For the Christian, death is merely a change of address. We move from the rent house to the mansion. However, if we insist on remaining our own gods, we must pay for our own sin. Forever. When we stand on the brink of eternity, God has only one question: “What did you do with my Son?”

Final Thought: 

Refuse to settle for fear and confusion about death. Take God’s word for it and prepare your answer.


Father, thank you that I don’t have to fear death. Because your Son is my Lord, He is also my Savior. He took the hell I deserve and gave me the heaven I can’t earn. May my life choices make you glad you saved me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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