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Nudges | People Nudges | Keep Good Company

Nudges | People Nudges | Keep Good Company

he heart of the wise is in the house of mourning, but the heart of fools is in the house of pleasure. Ecc. 7:4

 “That new guy is hot! I saw him talking to you. Did he ask you out?” Kara asked Angie as they left the gym. Angie shrugged and tossed her duffle bag in the backseat. “Yeah, he did but I turned him down.” Kara slammed the door and gaped at her friend. “Are you crazy? Why?” Angie rolled her eyes and opened the car door. “He’s not my type. It seemed like all he cared about was having fun. He was all about his boat, his car, his cabin…I mentioned my trip to Uganda next summer to work with refugees and he snorted like I was stupid. I can’t get into anybody whose main purpose in life is pleasing themselves.”

Pleasure is the goddess we naturally serve. Before we knew Jesus, we catered to her every whim. But when the Holy Spirit moves into a repentant heart, He brings a sledgehammer and smashes Pleasure into bits. In her place, He erects a throne that seats only Him. He redefines our idea of pleasure, and His passions become ours. We learn to find pleasure in the things that please Him. Angie would find pleasure in sweating her way through Uganda because she would feel the smile of God. That kind of pleasure echoes into eternity. The new guy would have to continually chase new pleasures because that kind echoes only emptiness. Angie and the new guy served different gods and she was right in refusing his company. 

Final Thought:  We are known by the company we keep. What does your company say about you?
Prayer: Father, I’m not sure I allowed the Holy Spirit to smash my altar to the Pleasure goddess. I still spend most of my time serving my own desires. Please forgive me. Help me choose relationships that support my obedience to you.  Amen.