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Nudges | People Nudges | Confront Your Sins

Nudges | People Nudges | Confront Your Sins

The LORD sent Nathan to David…  2 Samuel 12:1

You think you’re getting away with it. It’s over, it’s done, and nobody’s the wiser. Yeah, it was wrong but you’ll let a little time go by and maybe it won’t bother your conscience anymore. Maybe hiding your sin will make it go away. That’s what David thought. His sin of lust had taken him to darker places than he’d thought possible, but maybe he’d gotten away with it. He’d “fixed” the problem (had a guy killed) so nobody would know what he did. But God loved David too much to let him live with an unrepentant heart. So He did the most loving thing He could do. God sent Nathan to blow David’s secret wide open. 

When someone confronts us about our unrepentant sin, it doesn’t feel like love. Our first response is usually anger and defensiveness: “Who are you to tell me I’m wrong! You’re not perfect either!” David didn’t do that. Because He was a man after God’s own heart, He received Nathan’s rebuke with humility and sorrow. He crumbled when confronted with his wicked choices and wrote Psalm 51 as his cry of repentance. Because David repented, God continued to use him in mighty ways. When God sends someone to confront us about our sin, we have a choice. We can stiffen up and defend it or we can crumble and repent. When we hide our ongoing sin, the most loving thing God can do is send a Nathan to blow our secret wide open.

Final Thought:  How do you respond when God sends someone to you to confront your sin? 
Prayer: Father, I’m thinking of the times in the past when I got defensive when someone confronted my sin. I knew they were right, but my pride wouldn’t let me admit it. Please forgive me. Help me accept rebuke like David did. In Jesus’ name, Amen.