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Nudges | Responding | Acknowledge God

Nudges | Responding | Acknowledge God

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In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:6

The word translated “direct” in this verse can mean “to make right, or smooth.” Picture a river or man-made canal. When engineers create water channels, they design them in a way that will direct the flow of water to a desired location. The water is free to flow anywhere, but when it stays within the carefully designed channels, it brings benefit, not harm, to everything around it. So it is when we acknowledge God in every life situation. He designs the channels along which we travel. He goes before us, smoothing the way, removing obstacles, and giving us opportunities to bring benefit, not harm, to everyone around us.

But how do we acknowledge God in all our ways? It begins in the heart. That which is most important to us is made evident by our choices. Art lovers spend free time pursuing art and find ways to bring art into most conversations. Sports fanatics spend hours discussing their teams. They wear team logos and colors and spend money pursuing their hobby. Music lovers jump into any discussion of songs, genres, or bands because that passion drives them. When God is foremost in our hearts, we bring Him into every situation. We pray about everything, talk to Him throughout the day, and live in constant awareness of His presence: “Lord, what should I do here? Would this please you? Help me do this. Thank you for that sunset.”  We study His word, apply it to our lives, and seek His perspective. We can then walk with assurance that He is directing our paths.

Final Thought:  Are you acknowledging God in all your ways? He promises to direct your paths.

Prayer: Lord, help me learn to acknowledge you in all my ways. Teach me to put you first in my thoughts, my attitudes, my desires, and my actions. I want you, not me, to direct my paths. You’re the only one who knows where I need to go. Amen.