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Nudges | Responding | Lift the Shade

Nudges | Responding | Lift the Shade

Cedar Point

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands… and purify your hearts… James 4:8

The January sun was warm through the south window, belying the fact that it was 15 degrees outside. Marti closed her eyes and leaned back in her recliner, soaking up the golden rays. Suddenly all went dark and a chill replaced the warmth. She opened one eye to see that the mini blind had dropped to cover the window. “Hey, where’d the sun go?” she cried and bolted upright. Peace turned to aggravation as she got out of the chair and flipped on lights. “Just when I was enjoying it,” she growled. “Why couldn’t the sun stay out for a little while? I hate winter. I need some sun. Where did it go, anyway?”

The sun had not gone anywhere; something was blocking its warmth. Marti had only to lift the shade to enjoy it once more. Our relationship with God is like that. We bask in the warmth of his presence, enjoying forgiveness and fellowship. Then sin enters our lives and suddenly we feel the chill. “Where’s God?” we cry. “Why did he leave me?” Like Marti’s sun, God has not gone anywhere. But sin is a barrier between us and Him. Unconfessed sin blocks our ability to enjoy God’s goodness. Repentance lifts the shade and we see that God has been there all the time. But now we can enjoy the warmth of His presence.

Final Thought:  If there seems to be distance between you and God, lift the shade.  

Prayer: Father, I never realized that I was the problem when I can’t find you. It’s my sin, my pride, my selfishness that puts a barrier between you and me. Please forgive me and help me change. I want to lift the shade. In Jesus’ name, Amen.