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Nudges | Responding | Live by Faith

Nudges | Responding | Live by Faith

Cedar Point

For we live by faith, not by sight.  2 Corinthians 5:7

They’d prayed about it for weeks and, believing it was from the Lord, they went ahead with it—and tragedy happened.

She’d prayed daily about finding the right guy, believing Todd was God’s choice—and he cheated on her the next year.

He’d left a prosperous life to follow God’s leading to a new land—then famine wiped out everything in his new home.

If you recognize the last example, you remember that Abraham followed God but it did not turn out like he thought it would. Abraham had heard the call of God and obeyed, packing up his vast holdings and moving it all to a new land. But a few verses later we read: “There was a famine in the land” (Genesis 12:10). Did that mean Abraham missed God? Had God abandoned him? No, and He hasn’t abandoned us either when we’re trying to live by faith and the bottom falls out of our world. Living by faith means we choose not to let our many questions deter our obedience. Living by faith requires that we surrender our rights to understand and approve God’s ways. When we rely on what we see, we limit all God wants do in and through us. But when we rely on the character and promises of God, He transforms catastrophe into character and disasters into destinies.

Final Thought:  Living by faith and not by sight requires that we turn off the voice in our heads that demands an explanation.

Prayer: Father, it’s so hard to trust when I don’t understand why. Things happen that don’t make sense, but I choose to believe that you are in control and whatever happens, you will bring good from it. Help me walk by faith. In Jesus’ name, Amen