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Nudges | Three Questions on Direction | Don’t Forget to Act

Nudges | Three Questions on Direction | Don’t Forget to Act

The angel told him, “Get dressed and put on your sandals…put on your coat and follow me.” Acts 12:8

“God, I’m ready for you to direct me so I’ll just sit right here in my recliner with the TV remote in my hand and wait for you to do something.” We may not use those exact words, but that can be our attitude when we ask for direction. “Lord, I wanna be out of debt…I need your wisdom in this relationship…I need a job…” Praying is great, but is that all we are supposed to do?

When God directed people in the Bible, He always required them to act. Sometimes it was not an action they would have chosen, but it led them to the place God wanted them to be. When God sent an angel to deliver Peter from prison, Peter had to follow instructions or nothing would have happened. We have God’s set of instructions called the Bible. He expects us to follow them before anything else happens. We should read it looking for our part and when we see it, we act. That first step always requires faith and obedience. But when we obey Him on the first step, He shows us the next. So rather than pray, “God, here’s what you should do for me,” we can pray, “Lord, what would you have me do?” Then we put on our shoes and do it.

Final Thought:  When seeking God’s direction, make sure you’re already obeying everything you know to do.
Prayer: Father, am I obeying everything I already know you want me to do? I can’t expect you to direct only portions of my life when the rest is not lining up with your plan. I commit to obeying what I know and then acting on the next step. Amen.