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Nudges | Three Questions on Direction | Let God Handle It

Nudges | Three Questions on Direction | Let God Handle It

He said… “I shouldn’t attack the LORD’s anointed one, for the LORD himself has chosen him.” 1 Samuel 24:6

That coworker who’s been on your case since Day One now needs you to cover for him. The woman who flipped you off in traffic now has a flat tire. Your ex has been horrid to you and now needs your help. How do you respond? Our first inclination is to think, “Payback time!” Every cell of our being wants to gloat, rub their faces in it, and take our sweet revenge. David found himself in the same situation, only his had higher stakes. He was dodging King Saul’s spear and trying to stay alive. Then Saul walked right into David’s world, unaware that his enemy was only inches away. David’s men urged him the same way we might have urged him: “Now’s your chance, David! Take him out!” But David’s response gives us something to think about.

Despite the fact that Saul was making David’s life miserable, David knew he had no right to even the score. As bad as things were, God was still in control and would use this situation for good. God would take Saul out when He was ready, and it wasn’t time yet. It’s not time for us either, but we don’t want to wait for God’s schedule. So we go ahead and get even, tell that guy off, or end a relationship. Our reward is a few minutes of satisfaction, but at what cost?

We forfeit getting to see how God handles such situations: the enemies transformed into friends, the new power in our testimony, the miracle He would perform. When we’re faced with an opportunity to even the score, God whispers to our hearts, “You can do it your way and make this worse, or you can wait on my timing and watch me do something that will blow you away.” His way is always much better.

Final Thought:  Every opportunity for revenge is also an opportunity to let God handle it in a way that will amaze you.

Prayer: Father, I have a hard time waiting on your timing. My usual response is to rush in and cause a bigger mess. I’m ready practice waiting on you. Help me learn self-control and trust that you will defend me better than I can.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.