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Prove It | With Little | Any Contribution

Prove It | With Little | Any Contribution

Cedar Point

“But we have only five loaves of bread and two fish!” they answered.  Matthew 14:17

The disciples had a big problem. Jesus had told them to feed thousands of people who’d come to hear Him teach. They checked the money bag. Not enough. So, hoping against hope, they combed the crowd, asking for help. Surely these people had brought picnic baskets. Surely enough of them had thought ahead. Maybe they’d find enough to at least give the women and children a bite. But after their best efforts, all they had was a kid’s Happy Meal. Embarrassing. That would disappoint Jesus. What good would that do when the problem was huge? Maybe they shouldn’t even take it to Jesus at all.

We know the end of the story. Jesus took that Happy Meal and fed over 5000 people with it. But consider this: What if the disciples had passed over the boy’s offer because they thought one Lunchable was not worth bringing to the Lord? They forgot they were serving with the miracle worker. We’re just like them. We have a problem, so Jesus says, “What do you have to work with?” We look at what we’ve got and hide it. It’s nothing compared to the need. “I only have a little time, I only have health, I only have this gift, this desire, this talent. But what is it compared to the problem?” Jesus was not at all concerned about how insufficient the sack lunch was. He just wanted them to bring what they had to Him. He took it from there. 

Final Thought:  Jesus doesn’t care how little your contribution may be. He just wants you to bring it to Him. 

Prayer: Jesus, many times I feel like the disciples. My life seems so inadequate for the kinds of things I want to accomplish. Show me what I have that has not been brought to you. In your hands, my contribution can do more than I image. Amen.