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Prove It | With Little | Be Like Matthias

Prove It | With Little | Be Like Matthias

Cedar Point

“We must choose a replacement for Judas from among the men who were with us the entire time…   Acts 1:21  

Matthias had never considered himself a leader or even a follower, but somewhere between the water turning to wine and the Sermon on the Mount, Matthias had become a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ. He’d never have the rash boldness of Peter or the eloquence of John, but it was enough just to be in the Lord’s presence. Others would join the group with flare and promises, but when the traveling became too much or the popularity too little, they vanished into the crowd. Not Matthias. Approval came, and he stayed. Persecution came, yet he stayed. Jesus was arrested, but he stayed. And he was there when the Holy Spirit came on them all. So when the Eleven got ready to choose a new apostle, faithful Matthias was positioned for greatness.

We know nothing about the real Mathias except what we read in this short passage in Acts. Matthias was a nobody. Nobody ever mentioned him in the whole three years Jesus traveled and taught. But that’s the point. Matthias stayed anyway. He did not serve people, popularity, or promotion. Matthias served Jesus wherever he could and when it came time to appoint someone for an important job, his name came up. He had the only qualifications necessary to be in the inner circle: he was faithful and the Holy Spirit chose him. Every one of us has the potential to be a Matthias. We’ve been given a life, responsibilities, opportunities, and resources. We’re not here to serve people, popularity, or promotion. We’re here to serve Jesus and when we remain faithful in obscurity, in adversity, and in challenge, we position ourselves for greatness in God’s kingdom.

Final Thought: If the apostles were searching for a new disciple, would your name come up?

Prayer: Father, I want to be like Matthias. I want to be faithful in every way. Sometimes my service feels so insignificant, but if I’m working for you, then it matters. May I be in the right position to be used in greater ways.  In Jesus’ name, amen.