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Prove It | With Little | Character

Prove It | With Little | Character

Cedar Point

 One who is faithful in little is faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in little is dishonest in much. Luke 16:10

*“I don’t see why the pastor won’t let me help with counseling,” said Larry Loose-lips. “I’ve got a degree and experience.”

*Penny Pilfer was also miffed. “I’ve offered to help count the offering, but I think they’re holding my kleptomania against me.”

*Sara Strife was stirring things up again, demanding to be made Women’s Ministry leader. The board kept saying no.

Their names give us a hint as to the reasons for their ongoing rejection. Everyone knew them for dishonesty in little things. When confronted about it, the typical response was: “Oh, that’s such a little thing. I can’t believe you’re making a big deal out of it.” We should make a big deal out of it. Jesus makes a big deal out of it because a person’s true character is revealed in the little things. When the spotlight is off, the sound on Low, the way we conduct ourselves says a lot about who we really are. Those only interested in the limelight don’t have the character necessary to remain faithful when the limelight fades to black. Character is developed in the shadows, in anonymity, during long, difficult years when all that kept us going was God’s command to persevere. We prove ourselves worthy of greater assignments when we pass the “little things” test.

Final Thought:  Where has God called you to be faithful right now? Real leaders serve their way into leadership.

Prayer: Father, I’ve revealed my true character so many times that I fear you can’t ever use me for big things. But you’re the God of fresh starts, so I commit now to being faithful in the little things as long as you have me there. In Jesus’ name, amen.