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Prove It | With Little | Seasons of Little

Prove It | With Little | Seasons of Little

Cedar Point

“I am about to do something new… I will make a way in the wilderness and streams in the desert.”  Isaiah 43:19

You’re up against a wall and see no way out. You’ve tried everything you know to fix the situation, but it only got worse. You’re a little mad at everybody, including God. Why didn’t He fix this before everything got out of hand? Despite how broken you feel, you have a choice. You may not have had a choice to be in this pickle, but the choice is all yours about what to do now. Satan comes along with his handy-dandy suggestion book: “They’re acting up. Go ahead. Why can’t you?” “Go back to your old life. At least you can numb the pain.” “Drag someone else into your misery. At least you won’t be alone.” “Find a date on Plenty-of-Psychos, but leave God out of your business. He didn’t do such a red-hot job on your current situation.” “Just give up.” 

Being faithful with little sometimes means we have little strength. Little faith. Little hope. What we do in those seasons often sets the course for the rest of our lives. Character is tested and refined in seasons of “little.” Many times, a future ministry is born in the depths of suffering—IF we will be faithful. If we wait for God to do a new thing. He can’t do something new if we return to the old. We’ll never get to see His way in the wilderness or His streams in the desert if we don’t stick around long enough. How we handle life when we have little indicates what we will do when we have plenty. He doesn’t trust His miraculous streams to just anybody. He saves them for those who want His “something new” more than their “something old.”

Final Thought:  Do you bail on God when life hands you little? Learn to stay faithful and wait for streams in the desert.

Prayer: Lord God, only you know my future. Only you know what is ahead for me. I don’t want to miss it by reverting to my old ways when life hands me little. Give me endurance to wait for your streams in the desert. In Jesus’ name, amen.