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Set The Tone | Church

Set The Tone | Church

Elders who lead effectively are worthy of double honor, especially those who preach and teach. 1 Timothy 5:17


“I’ve told the pastor we’re leaving. My sister’s neighbor’s dog was sick for a week and nobody called us,” declared Jack. “Well, I can vouch for that because I’ve been in his office for counseling every day this week and I never saw him call anybody,” Robin agreed. Betty shook her head in disgust. “I’ve complained about this ugly carpet color since we got it and no one listens, so we’re thinking about going somewhere else.” Before you scoff at these guys, have you thought or said something similar?


Paul instructed the church to give honor to those who labor for their souls because God holds pastors, elders, and teachers to a higher standard (James 3:1). Far more goes into leading a congregation than preaching on Sundays: prayer, Bible study, leadership decisions, visiting sick and wandering lambs, staff disagreements, technology problems, counseling, mediating disputes, dry spells, family needs, personal struggles, budget deficits, rumors, spiritual warfare, troublemakers, divisions…

And that’s only Monday. Spiritual leaders are people too, and they need encouragement and consideration just like the flock they shepherd. We honor them by praying for them, letting them know how they’ve helped us, refusing to slander, gossip, or grumble about them, and going TO them with a problem rather than talking ABOUT them to others. God has called our leaders to a higher level of responsibility and it is our job to help them bear that load by finding ways to honor them.

Final Thought:

How have you treated your spiritual leaders? Are you a troublemaker? Demanding? Unreliable? Or honoring?



Father, I never considered this before. What part do I play in your command to give double honor to those who care for my soul? Am I doing that? If not, show me ways I can change and support your chosen leaders. In Jesus’ name, Amen.