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Set the Tone | Community

Set the Tone | Community


The LORD replied, “If I find fifty righteous people in Sodom, I will spare the entire city for their sake.” Genesis 18:32


You know the story. Abraham negotiated all the way down to ten. The Lord agreed not to destroy the wicked cities if He could find ten righteous people. Imagine living in a place that could not even produce ten decent human beings! Abraham was worried about it because his nephew Lot lived there. But after Abe did a little mental math, he felt pretty confident about their safety. After all, Lot was a righteous man. He was married, had daughters, and those daughters were engaged. Surely after all the years of living in Sodom, Lot had been a good enough influence to have impacted ten people. Apparently not.


Second Peter 2:7-8 calls Lot a righteous man who was tormented by the depravity of his neighbors, but we have to wonder: Why did he stay? Why did he marry and raise a family in a place so wicked that God had to destroy it? Could it be that he kept his moral outrage to himself? Maybe he was mocked the first time he tried to talk about God. Maybe he was called judgmental, self-righteous, opinionated, intolerant. Maybe they invented the word “homophobe” before we did. Whatever the reasons, while Lot thought he was influencing the culture, the culture was influencing his family. His wife made an idol out of it and lost her life and his two daughters committed incest with him. Because Lot tolerated the wickedness around him, wickedness won and he lost everything. A lamp hidden under a barrel helps no one with its light, and truth hidden in the heart cannot change the world.


Final Thought:

Are you influencing your culture for righteousness—or is your culture influencing you and your family?



Father, if I had been in Lot’s position, would you find ten righteous people because of me? I’m convicted about how little I do to influence the people around me; instead, it influences me. Give me boldness to speak truth. In Jesus’ name, Amen.