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Set The Tone | Marriage

Set The Tone | Marriage

“But from the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female.’ Therefore…”  Mark 10:6

Our world is locked in heated debate about the definition of marriage, which is odd because marriage has never needed defined in all the millenniums before now. Some things are so obvious it seems ridiculous to ask, but a few people need help connecting the dots. So when Jesus was asked about divorce, He began His answer with the definition of marriage: “God created male and female, therefore…” In other words, because God started this, He got to define it. Any instruction following would be based upon that non-negotiable fact. Marriage is between a male and a female. Jesus defined it; we can’t change it.

Marriage was the first institution God defined: before the church, before government, before parenting. He created two complementary human beings, equal in value but uniquely designed to fit together in a soul-unifying way. It was His decree that two are better than one and it was not good for the man to be alone. Adam didn’t need another man; he needed a woman to fill that lonely place inside that only God understood. Our Creator knows what we need better than we do. Even though our rowdy hearts shout any number of contradictory instructions that wear us out in our efforts to heed, God knows more than our hearts. When we decide to agree with His definitions, His design, and His decrees, we begin to know Him. And ourselves.

Final Thought:

Whose definitions do you listen to: Your culture? Your friends? Your heart? Or your Creator?


Father, I have let the world teach me more than I should have. I’ve listened to people who do not follow your word and let them influence me. I confess that as sin and recommit myself to listening only to your definitions. In Jesus’ name, Amen.