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Stand Firm/Love Well | What Happens in the Fire | No Idol

Stand Firm/Love Well | What Happens in the Fire | No Idol

They refuse to serve your gods and do not worship the gold statue you have set up.”   Daniel 3:12

They knew the moment they heard the king’s edict that this day would come. Tattletales couldn’t wait to cause trouble. Daniel’s three friends had done nothing to call attention to themselves except quietly obey God. But in the pagan world, obedience to God stands out like a red bulb on a Christmas tree. Trumpets blasted and every man and woman fell to the ground to worship a statue. Three young men, knees knocking and faces ashen, remained standing. They couldn’t bow. They had purposed in their hearts, like their friend Daniel had done. Bowing to an idol would mean forfeiting their souls and nothing was worth that.

Would you have remained standing? What about now? Do others notice your refusal to serve the gods of this world or worship in its temples? What would that look like? The world worships thousands of gods, most of them becoming more demanding by the minute. Sexuality is one such god. Anyone refusing to bow to the ever-changing pronouns or celebrate perversions is branded “intolerant” and sent to sensitivity class. Money is another god. People will sacrifice health, relationships, and morals to bow at its shrine. Entertainment is an emerging goddess that demands time, energy, and attention that was once invested in relationships and worthwhile pursuits. How are you handling the idol worship of twenty-first century America?

Final Thought:  Name some of the idols that demand your worship. How are you responding?
Prayer: Father, I’m trying to remain standing like those young men did. It’s confusing in our day because there are no gold statues. But an idol is anything that is raised up contrary to your truth. Give me strength and wisdom not to bow. Amen.