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Stand Firm/Love Well | What Jesus Showed Us | Keep Your Eyes Up

Stand Firm/Love Well | What Jesus Showed Us | Keep Your Eyes Up

I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.   Psalm 16:8

Matt stood alone in the schoolyard, knees knocking but face set. An hour ago he had been part of the fun—until the fun turned ugly. The guys had decided mentally-challenged Robbie would be their target and had turned on the boy with adolescent vengeance. “C’mon, Matt! Retards don’t belong in our school! Help us, or you’re a retard too!” Matt knew he would suffer for it, but God would help him do what was right. He stepped next to Robbie and with quiet determination answered, “So what?” 

We’ve all had moments like that and we will have more. Our enemy threatens that if we don’t join his evil, we’ll be rejected. The desire for acceptance is a magnetic force that can pull us away from our own values. If only they will like me, I will do what they want. But popular opinion does not affect truth so it should never be a factor in our decisions. God says that when He is with us, we will not be shaken. People won’t always like us. They may not agree or appreciate our decisions, but the winds of public opinion don’t have to blow us away when we stand for what is right. The mocking may come: “You’re a homophobe! A misogynist! A dinosaur! A fool!”  But with our eyes always on the Lord and His word, we can answer, “So what?”

Final Thought:  Do the winds of popular opinion shake your values? Keep your eyes always on the Lord and stand firm.

Prayer: Father, how influenced am I by my culture? Help me honestly evaluate my views and responses in light of your word. I want to stand for what is right and not be shaken. May your applause be the only validation I want. In Jesus’ name, Amen.