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Stand Firm/Love Well | What the World Needs to See | Be Consistent

Stand Firm/Love Well | What the World Needs to See | Be Consistent

But when Daniel learned that the law had been signed, he went home and knelt down as usual…  Daniel 6:10

–Your new office policy states that no religious literature can be visible on anyone’s desk. Violation of this policy will result in immediate termination, but you’ve always read your Bible on your breaks while you continued to work. What do you do now?

–The language at your workplace has grown increasingly foul, and you’ve watched guys with the dirtiest mouths get promoted while you’re left behind. You’ve tried to keep your speech clean, but the trash-mouths are favored. What do you do now?

–You always known sex should be saved for marriage and know that’s what honors God, but your new crush is pressuring you to go to bed. You’re crazy about this person and might lose them it you don’t give in. What do you do?

Daniel faced an even scarier dilemma. Praying to any God but the king would result in being thrown to the lions. However, Daniel did not hesitate. He went home on his lunch break, knelt by the window facing Jerusalem, and prayed to the Lord as usual. He refused to allow threats to deter him from serving the Lord as he had always done. If he allowed the king to change his worship, he would be choosing the king’s will over God’s and he couldn’t do that. He wasn’t grandstanding, name-calling, or defiant, he was being true to himself and his God—no matter the cost. Neither threat nor change could change him.

Final Thought: What is your “usual”? Does it change with your environment? A Christian life is a consistent life.

Prayer: Father, I have areas in my life where I let other people determine my level of obedience. However, I want to be consistent in every area, no matter the personal cost. Help me represent you well everywhere I go. Keep me faithful. In Jesus’ name, Amen.