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Stand Firm/Love Well | What the World Needs to See | Love for Christians

Stand Firm/Love Well | What the World Needs to See | Love for Christians

 “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”  John 13:35

“You’re a Jezebel!” “Well, you’re a false prophet!” “How can you people believe in a rapture? It’s unscriptural!” “At least we don’t baptize babies!” Imagine a person trying to learn about Jesus but encountering heated fights like that. It’s no wonder some seekers inch toward Christianity and then scurry away to safety. Who would want to join a family that slings mud every time they disagree? Largely due to the internet, which gives everyone with fingers a platform to vent, our dirty laundry has been dragged into the public square to be mocked by those who have yet to meet Jesus. How this must grieve the Lord!

Jesus could have told his disciples that the world would know they were His because of their Bible knowledge. He could have said the defining sign of a disciple was whether or not they cussed, drank alcohol, or played the lottery. But He didn’t. He said the one way people will recognize a true Christian is by his or her love for other Christians. Wow! It’s convicting because immediately we picture that one person we can barely stand. That irritating church lady or know-it-all preacher-wannabe that we avoid and whisper about. What we if refused to allow disdain into our hearts and chose to love them anyway? Love does not mean we agree. It does not mean we cannot confront sin or bring church discipline. It does mean that we do so kindly.

Final Thought: How loving is your behavior toward other Christians who are not like you?

Prayer: Father, do I reflect your love toward other Christians? Some of them make it difficult, but maybe I’m difficult too. Help me learn from your word how to stand firm for truth, but also love well. May I be known by my love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.