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Story Changing | How? | Fishers of Men

Story Changing | How? | Fishers of Men

And Jesus said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”  Mark 1:17


Peter tossed a coil of wet rope to John and took a long drink of water. The sun bore down on his weathered skin as he squinted up at the Rabbi who had just said the strangest thing. Fishers of men? He looked around at all he’d ever known. Boats. Nets. Water. He had smelled like fish for as long as he could remember. His whole family did. He’d always thought the God-business belonged to the rabbis in the temple. Smart people. Clean people. Not fishermen. He shifted uneasily and darted a look at John who was gazing up at this smiling Teacher as though he’d just won a new boat. John dropped the rope, climbed onto the dock, and murmured, “I’m in.” He lifted a questioning brow and Peter shrugged. If God wanted a fisherman, why not?


Jesus met people right where they were. He didn’t stroll along the boat docks and offer to make rabbis out of rugged fishermen. He told them He would make them better fishermen, and He would teach them how to use their skills for eternal purposes. He’s still making that offer: “Follow me, and I will make you truck drivers…bakers…welders…teachers…of men.” When our lives are surrendered to Him, He takes what we know and makes it better. He infuses our skills and talents with eternal purpose. When we live to honor Him, there is no difference between the sacred and the secular. Every action is worship. Whether sweeping the floor, welding pipe, or rocking a baby, our lives can impact eternity when we follow Christ.


Final Thought:  When we choose to follow Christ, He meets us where we are and gives our daily routine eternal significance.

Prayer: Jesus, thank you that I don’t have to try to be somebody else before you can use me. I just have to give you all I am. I ask you to transform my ordinary and make it matter for your kingdom. May every action I take be worship. Amen.