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Story Changing | How? | Recognizing God’s Voice

Story Changing | How? | Recognizing God’s Voice

“…for the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say.”  Luke 12:12


“I get tongue-tied!” “I’m not good with words.” “I don’t know how to answer questions people might ask!” Most of us have used excuses like those when we felt challenged to share our faith in Jesus. The devil wants us to believe that we must be fluent in Aramaic and possess the oratory skills of Morgan Freeman before we open our mouths. Jesus knows about those excuses, so He’s already supplied the answer. The apostles were also a little nervous about how they’d handle questions and opposition after Jesus was gone, so He put their minds at ease. But what did He mean that the Holy Spirit will give us the words?


First of all, we have to be on good speaking terms with the Holy Spirit. Ever get a phone call from an unknown number and you knew right away who it was? You recognized the voice because it was someone you’d spent time with. Casual acquaintances have to identify themselves by name because you don’t know their voices. It’s the same with God. When we’ve cultivated a close relationship with Him by immersing ourselves in His word, worshiping and praying throughout the day, and keeping our sins confessed, we recognize His voice when He gives us instructions. We don’t confuse His voice with the devil’s because we’ve spent a lot of quality time with Him. That knowledge gives us confidence when we want to share our faith. We know we’re not on our own; He is right there, giving us the words to say that will bring truth and hope to people He loves.


Final Thought:  Are you spending enough time with God that you recognize His voice?


Prayer: Father, I’ve used most of those excuses when I felt you wanted me to share my story with someone. It’s comforting to know that your Holy Spirit will give me the words. Help me learn to recognize your voice. In Jesus’ name, Amen.