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Story Changing | How? | Witnesses for Christ

Story Changing | How? | Witnesses for Christ

“…and you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere…”   Acts 1:8


Marta twisted her hands and cast fearful glances at the judge. He looked ten miles away from the witness box where she sat. “I, uh… I don’t really know all that much about the law, sir…your Honor…I don’t think I should say anything…I’m not that smart and, well, other people went to law school and they—” The judge held up his hand. “Ms. Reynolds, you’re not on trial here. You’re only a witness. We want to know what you know about the situation at hand. You are the best expert in the room because you saw it. You were there. A witness doesn’t have to know it all. A witness only tells what she has experienced.”


Fortunately, Jesus didn’t ask us to be experts on every aspect of the Bible. We don’t have to have seminary degrees or be able to read Greek and Hebrew in order to be His witnesses. Witnesses simply tell what they know. We cannot be witnesses for Jesus if we’ve never experienced His transforming power. Without His work in our lives, we don’t have a story worth telling. But if we’ve surrendered our lives to His lordship and allowed Him to work in us, change us, heal us, and give us eternal life, then we have a story that the world is hungry to hear. Hope for the hopeless. Help for the helpless. And eternal life for the dying.


Final Thought:  A witness simply tells others about how Jesus has changed his or her story. What’s your story?

Prayer: Jesus, I never through about what a witness is. I’ve made excuses for not sharing my faith because I don’t think I know enough. But I know what you’ve done in my life. I know how you’ve changed me. Help me testify about all you’ve done. Amen.