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Story Changing | Our Part | Spread the Work

Story Changing | Our Part | Spread the Work

…select seven men who are …full of the Spirit and wisdom. We will give them this responsibility.”  Acts 6:3


Sunday morning after services, the friendly hubbub was a low roar but everyone could hear Agnes: “Pastor, I haven’t finished telling you about my dog’s—” An old man stepped in front of her and shoved a few people aside to clutch Pastor Dan’s shoulder. “Pastor, I’ve been wanting to ask you what to do about the senior luncheon. Some of the old people don’t have rides—” “Pastor!” called Mr. Gray on his once-a-quarter visit to church. “My aunt’s neighbor is having surgery. Can you be there?” Linda tap-tap-tapped on the pastor’s shoulder until he turned to her. Lowering her voice, she murmured, “The Joneses have the flu. Why hasn’t anyone brought them meals?” Pastor Dan sighed as he gazed at the line that had formed behind her.


Everybody wants the pastor’s attention: their questions answered, their problems solved, and their opinions validated. The first apostles had the same problem. In fact, the needs of the newly-founded church were so numerous that the leaders didn’t have time to study and pray. So they came up with a solution. They delegated—but not to just anybody. Only wise and Spirit-controlled leaders were selected. They would help meet the people’s physical needs so that the pastors could devote more time to spiritual needs. The Top Guys couldn’t do it all, so they didn’t try. They relied on others who were solid in their walk with Christ and gifted to lead in specific ways. When a church spreads the work among many, it expands its impact on the world.


Final Thought:  In what ways are you lifting some of the pastor’s burdens so he can devote more time to study and prayer?


Prayer: Father, at times I’ve been one of those who expects the pastor’s attention. Have I been a burden-lifter or a burden-creator? Keep me grounded in your word, obedient to your Spirit, so I can be trusted with burden-lifting. In Jesus’ name, Amen.