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Story Changing | Our Part | “Things Like That”

Story Changing | Our Part | “Things Like That”

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers…”  Luke 10:2


Pastor Ray locked the front door and walked across the parking lot to his battered Dodge. A Mercedes slid to a stop beside him and a tinted window came down. “Pastor! You just now leaving the church? Keeping late hours, huh?” Lance flashed his perfect smile and Ray managed one back. “Yeah, just finished visitations. I was on my own tonight, so it took longer.” Lance frowned. “Somebody should be helping you!” Ray opened his car door, biting back a smart-Alek response to the church’s wealthiest member who rarely darkened its doorway. As if reading his mind, Lance replied, “We’ve been out of town a lot, or I’d help more. Vacations, kid’s sports, you know…things like that.” Ray nodded without turning around. Yeah, things like that.


We all have “things like that.” “Things like that” means Jesus takes a lower spot on our priority list than everything else. We justify our lackadaisical commitment to Him and His church by defending His competition. “It’s about the kids!” we cry. “Family time,” we declare. “These are all good things I’m doing. After working all week, I just don’t have enough time to do more.” Really? What about your season football tickets, golf membership, savings for the new boat, those casino chips lying on your coffee table…? Let’s be honest. We have enough time to do that which is most important to us. God says that the dying world is most important to Him. Jesus does too. He calls to us, “The workers are few! Send workers!” We reply with “things like that.”


Final Thought:  What “things like that” are higher on your priority list than being a worker in God’s harvest?

Prayer: Father, I could be Lance. In fact, I only read this because I happened to check in on church this week. I justify my lack of commitment, but you don’t. Please forgive me and equip me to be a worker in your harvest. In Jesus’ name, Amen.