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Story Changing | The Church’s Role | The Farmer’s Fields

Story Changing | The Church’s Role | The Farmer’s Fields

“…lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest.”   John 4:35


“Let’s go check the corn field,” Papa said to his young grandson. Tyler grabbed his little pail and tried to keep up with the long-legged stride of his beloved Papa. “Are we gonna pick some corn?” Tyler asked. “It might be time,” answered Papa, “but we’ll have to see if it’s ready.” Tyler shrieked, “Yay! I love corn! How did the corn get there?” Papa explained how he’d planted corn seeds in the spring, watered the field, kept the animals away, and now it was time for the harvest. Tyler had done none of that, but Papa was delighted to let him share in the fun of harvesting.


God is the Farmer and people are His field. He is always working to bring willing hearts into right relationship with Him, but sometimes He cannot plant until He breaks up the stony ground of bitterness, addiction, or self-will. Then He plants seeds of truth that sprout roots of repentance, and He pours out grace, blessing, and kindness to water the seedlings of hope. He uses His church to cultivate them, and then His children get the joy of helping our Father reap His harvest. The church is a storehouse of souls from God’s fields; we all began as young seedlings, but because others watered and fed us, we are now part of the harvesting team. Our job is to help our Father harvest more.  


Final Thought:  Have you lifted up your eyes to see that your Father’s fields are white for harvest?


Prayer: Father, I’ve been intentionally near-sighted about your harvest fields. I get so focused on my own little world I forget what matters to you. Show me where to invest in my church to be a part of your harvesting team. In Jesus’ name, Amen.