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Story Changing | Why Me? | Where Have Your Feet Taken You?

Story Changing | Why Me? | Where Have Your Feet Taken You?

Story Changing

As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”  Romans 10:15


A 90-year-old grandma still has the envelope, postmarked Japan, from her beloved. Inside, a piece of lined paper holds one sentence: “I’m coming home!” A framed sonogram decorates the wall of a woman who had been told she could not have children. Her son is in his thirties now, but that grainy photo brings a smile every time she sees it. We hold on to things that represent joyful moments. A married woman may still have the dried petals from her husband’s first bouquet. A man might frame his first check, business card, or acceptance letter to Harvard. And if we have accepted the good news that the Son of God has invited us to join Him in heaven someday, we treasure the memory of the people who helped us learn about it.


Pedicures and Italian shoes are not the only ways we can have beautiful feet. When those feet have carried us into the lives of people who need Jesus, they’ve done what feet were created to do. Picture the person who introduced you to Jesus. Think about the ones who have encouraged, rebuked, corrected, and prayed for you when you needed it. Their feet brought them to you and you will be forever grateful. Now, think about where your feet have taken you? Are there people who cherish the memory of you walking into their life, telling them about Jesus? To whom have you brought the good news? God has left His people here on earth to be His messengers. If our bodies are His temple (1 Cor. 6:19), then we need to have beautiful feet.


Final Thought:  Consider the places your feet have taken you. Have you brought the good news into the lives of other people?

Prayer: Father, I want to have the kind of beautiful feet this verse talks about. I want other people to remember me as the one who told them about you, encouraged them, and taught them truth. May my feet be eternally beautiful. In Jesus’ name, Amen.