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Tending Your Garden | Tuesday

Tending Your Garden | Tuesday

the LORD God…brought them to the man to see what he would call them… Genesis 2:19

Imagine the Lord appearing to you and saying, “I’ve just created a beautiful mountain range on a remote island. What do you think I should name it?” Or what if He showed up with a color that had never been seen before and asked you what you thought of it? That’s what God did for Adam. He brought delightful new creatures to His human creation and asked his opinion. That would be like asking your 4-year-old nephew what he thinks of the Theory of Relativity and whether that’s a good name for it.

You don’t need his help any more than God needed Adam’s, so why would God consult with him?

God certainly didn’t need Adam’s naming abilities, since Adam didn’t even name himself. God needed nothing from Adam and He needs nothing from us. And yet, He brings His projects to us because He loves being with us. God loves involving us in His work and watching our enjoyment of the process. He smiles when our eyes light up, our brains click on, and the adrenaline kicks in when we understand a new concept. We were designed this way, and He enjoys His handiwork. He scatters mini projects throughout our day and tosses us the question: “What do you think about this?” He wants us to plug in, search His word, ponder, meditate, pray, and think to arrive at His solution. God could have put name tags on all the animals and simply told Adam to memorize them. But what fun is that? He created us find our highest fulfillment when we work in harmony with Him.

Final Thought:

What mini projects has God placed in your life that invite you to work in harmony with Him?


Father, I never thought about my challenges as projects that you designed so you can work with me. Open my eyes to see all the ways you enjoy me. I want to gain my greatest satisfaction in knowing I bring you pleasure. In Jesus’ name, Amen



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