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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year | Time to Trust | Leave or Lead

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year | Time to Trust | Leave or Lead

Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up. Proverbs 12:25

Dave walked into the kitchen to see his wife slumped over the counter, head in her hands. Her shoulders shook silently. He stood in the doorway, wrestling with his conscience. She’d been so worried lately about everything and it had led to a string of fights. Ever since he’d lost his job, money had been tight. Their autistic son wasn’t getting the help he needed and Christmas for the kids looked pretty bleak. It felt like she blamed him and that made him furious. He was thinking about leaving for a while, staying with a friend. Or… Swallowing hard, he went to his wife, took her in his arms, smoothed her hair, and said, “I know it feels like too much right now, but we’ll get through it. You’re doing a great job. Let’s pray right here about it all.”

Dave had two options: leaving or leading. Those are our options when someone else’s stress is stressing us. Leaving is our natural reaction and we leave in a lot of ways: drinking, fighting, abandonment, drugs… But that’s not God’s way. God wants those who know Him to walk in when our flesh wants to walk out. What we find is that the power of God meets us there. When Dave said no to his selfish reaction and took God’s path instead, the Spirit of peace joined them. Dave gained strength, his wife gained hope, and the situation gained God’s perspective. People overcome by anxiety need a kind word, a compassionate friend, or someone who can pray when they can’t. Leavers make the situation worse; leaders make a difference.

Final Thought:  When someone you love is overcome by anxiety, do you leave or do you lead?

Prayer: Father, do I respond rightly when someone I’m close to is overcome with anxiety? Do I run away to protect myself or do I walk in and help lead them out? Show me the truth about myself and help me lead others to your peace. Amen.