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The Resurrection Reveals | It is Finished

The Resurrection Reveals | It is Finished

When Jesus had tasted it, he said, “It is finished!” Then he bowed his head and gave up his spirit. John 19:30

Mary buried her face in her hands as she heard her Son take His last agonizing breath. It was finished, all of it. The awe and wonder as she had watched Him grow up, the puzzlement at His strange ways and kindness to everyone. She had believed it with all her heart when the angel told her that her child would be God’s Son. She’d had such dreams for Him, Israel’s Messiah. But this…this wasn’t part of her plan. Something was terribly wrong. He was supposed to rule and reign, rescue His people, be their next king. He wasn’t supposed to die like this, a criminal’s death, but He’d spoken the words Himself: “It is finished.” Confusion battled with sorrow as she struggled to accept what was happening, but she feared her dream was finished too.

Few understood those words that came from Jesus’ bruised lips. The soldiers standing nearby thought He meant His life was finished., and the few followers who had crept back into the crowd thought He meant His ministry was finished. Satan thought it was finished too, and evil had won! But they all got it wrong. Those were not words of defeat; Jesus knew He would rise from the dead in three days. He was declaring to demons and principalities that He had just paid in full for every human being who would trust in Him, every person who would receive His sacrifice as their own could now be forgiven. God the righteous Judge would stamp “PAID IN FULL” over the debt of every person who bowed at the cross. Salvation had been accomplished, and there was nothing more to do. Jesus could let go of His human life because “It is finished” meant that God had the last word.

Final Thought: “It is finished” means Jesus has paid in full the debt you owe God, have you received this ultimate gift?

Prayer: Jesus, how can I thank you enough for paying for my sin. Your words meant that you offered yourself in my place to cancel the debt that I owe God. I bow my life before you and receive your sacrifice as my own. May I live to honor you. Amen.