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The Resurrection Reveals | My Lord and My God

The Resurrection Reveals | My Lord and My God

He said to Thomas, “Put your finger here; see my hands…” Thomas answered, “My Lord and my God!” John 20:28

He thought he had all his bases covered, He went to church (usually), knew most of the worship songs, and even had “Oceans” as his ringtone. He served donuts once a month and tithed his paycheck (sometimes). Everyone would say he was a good person and he could have answered most of the questions on Bible Jeopardy. Outwardly, he was considered a great Christian but inwardly, there was a problem. He knew all about Jesus and even felt a warm rush during his favorite songs, but he didn’t really KNOW Jesus. Jesus was THE Lord but He was not a personal lord—and that changes everything.

In Jesus’ day, the guy’s name was Thomas. He’d followed Jesus for three years, seen the miracles, tasted the banquet-from-a-Happy-Meal, and watched Jesus walk on water. But when Jesus died, Thomas’ faith died too. He had built his faith on what he could see and feel, but He’d never had a revelation of who Jesus really was. Not until Thomas touched the ugly scars on Jesus’ hands did the truth flash like a lightning bolt through his self-created religion. Suddenly, Jesus was not just THE Lord, He was MY Lord and MY God. It takes that kind of a revelation in order to be saved. It is not enough to know about Jesus, we must declare to our own hearts, “He is MY Lord and MY God!”  And that changes everything.

Final Thought:  It’s not enough to acknowledge that Jesus is Lord. Is He YOUR Lord?
Prayer: Jesus, search my heart. Have I been fooling myself? Am I going through the motions of Christian living without fully surrendering to you as Lord? I do now, I don’t have to see your hands to know who you are, I believe. Save me. Amen.