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The Resurrection Reveals | Objections

The Resurrection Reveals | Objections

He is not here, for he has risen, as he said. Come, see the place where he lay.”  Matthew 28:6

Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Isn’t that just a myth that got started by His followers? Maybe they stole the body to make it look like a miracle. Maybe He didn’t really die at all, just got a little woozy and then woke up. Objections to the resurrection are as old as the New Testament. The apostle Paul was battling them even in his day. It was a little easier for him, though, because he could name several hundred people still living who had actually seen the resurrected Jesus. We don’t have that advantage, but we have the written testimonies of many and they’re very convincing. So let’s look closer at those objections.

Every one of Jesus’ disciples swore they’d seen Jesus after He rose from the dead. In fact, they refused to stop talking about it, even though they were each martyred for it. Many people lie when they have something to gain, and others have died for a lie. But how many are willing to die for a story that they KNOW is a lie? These were the same guys who ran scared when Jesus was arrested—not exactly icons of courage. But after they saw Him alive, there was no shutting them up all the way to their tortured deaths.

And if Jesus had only swooned, then who rolled away the giant boulder and knocked out the tough Roman guards? Are we to believe that a guy who had been brutally tortured for nine hours, stabbed, and left for dead without food or water for three days had that kind of strength? Believing that takes more faith than believing in the resurrection.

Final Thought:  If objections trouble you, study the facts for yourself: The Case for the Resurrection by Gary. R. Habermas
Prayer: Lord, I am amazed that for 2000 years people have tried to discredit the resurrection, but no one can. It really happened! Thank you that even death couldn’t defeat Him and because of that, I serve a living Savior! In His name, Amen.