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This Is Us | Journeying Together | Betrayal

This Is Us | Journeying Together | Betrayal

“But I have prayed for you… And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.” Luke 22:32

Betrayal by someone you love is life-shattering. Unfortunately, most of us have experienced it at least once. If you haven’t, you will. Anger, sorrow, and grief collide with hope, confusion, and love in a dizzying swirl that makes you want to give up. Now, imagine setting yourself up for that kind of betrayal intentionally. What if you already knew this person was going to hurt you that way? Would you have gone ahead with the relationship? Would you have allowed yourself to become emotionally vulnerable, show love and acceptance toward someone you know will betray you? Jesus did that with Peter.

Jesus knows what betrayal feels like. In fact, He told Peter ahead of time that it was about to happen. But instead of guarding His heart and scolding Peter, Jesus explained that Peter’s betrayal would become a source of strength for him and others. Peter would be overwhelmed with grief and regret. He would distance himself and work through the truckload of emotions that sin dumps into our hearts, and then he would turn. He would repent of his sin, seek forgiveness, and find it. Then he would become one of Christianity’s most revolutionary leaders. Peter’s repentance would act like a stepstool that allowed him to reach into the hearts of people. Instead of becoming a stop sign in his growth, Peter’s betrayal became a launching pad. Jesus knew about Peter’s upcoming betrayal. But He also knew that He would use it in Peter’s life for the benefit of many.

Final Thought:  What betrayal in your life may be acting like a stop sign? God wants to use it as a launching pad.

Prayer: Jesus, you know how I have been betrayed. Even worse, you know how I have betrayed you and others. But maybe I’m hoarding my pain instead of allowing you to use it to help other people. I give it to you and ask you to use it for good. Amen.