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This Is Us | Journeying Together | Cause to Stumble

This Is Us | Journeying Together | Cause to Stumble

Stop condemning each other…live in such a way that will not cause another believer to stumble. Romans 14:13

Sue peeked through the honeysuckle vines separating her yard from Jane’s. “Hey, neighbor, I have some good news! I just got saved last week.” Jane smiled. “That’s awesome!” Sue responded, “It’s all so new and I don’t know anything yet, where would you suggest I start going to church?” Jane frowned. “We’ve had a hard time ourselves finding a good church. The music was so loud at Velocity Church, they probably aren’t Bible-based. And Trinity Tabernacle is so small, they probably aren’t reaching people.” Sue looked puzzled. “So where have you been going? I thought all Christians were supposed to be part of a church.” Jane sighed. “We’ve honestly gotten out of the habit since no church seems to fit our tastes. We just have our own church at home.” Sue frowned. “Hm. I didn’t know you could do that. Guess I won’t try so hard to find one either.”

When Jane criticized all the churches in town, she became a stumbling block to her neighbor. Instead of seizing a golden opportunity to mentor a new believer, Jane sent her in the wrong direction. If Sue should visit Velocity Church, she will already assume they are not Bible-based. And she will probably avoid Trinity Tabernacle altogether. While we are called to live in the freedom Jesus bought for us, our higher calling is to limit that freedom so we do not cause others to stumble in their faith. Godly freedom means that we voluntarily make choices that will not offend the people Jesus wants us to influence.

Final Thought:  What areas of your life may cause newer believers to stumble in their obedience to Jesus?
Prayer: Father, I don’t think enough about my influence. What message is my life sending to those I don’t even know are watching? Make me aware of anything I’m doing or not doing that might hurt the faith of someone else. In Jesus’ name, Amen.