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This Is Us | Relentlessly Good | Authentically Good

This Is Us | Relentlessly Good | Authentically Good

Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.  1 John 3:18

“Here come the blue-haired church ladies,” sighed Magda. She tightened her server’s apron, grab an order pad, and pasted a smile on her face. “Good afternoon, ladies,” she said. “Same table?” Mrs. Perkins sniffed, “What’s that odor? Hope your cook didn’t burn something, it upsets my allergies.” Mrs. Dye frowned at Magda. “Dear, you were a little slow last week with my tea, I hope you’ll step it up today. We’re tired from Bible study, and I’d hate to have to hold back my quarter tip.” “Heaven forbid,” growled Magda as she led the heavily-perfumed entourage toward the best table. “Wonder what that Bible of theirs says about them.”

Somewhere along the line, many who profess to know Jesus got the idea that our position in Christ equals privilege. We’ve sometimes confused Bible knowledge with spiritual maturity, totally disregarding its words to the contrary. No one cares how much of the Bible we have read, including God. All that matters is whether or not its words are transforming us. What good does it do to study a Book we disobey all week? What good does it do to act spiritual on Sunday if we treat people like commodities the rest of the time? The Bible warns us about such contradictions. If we’re studying “love one another” while yelling at our waiter, we’re missing the whole point. If we’re downloading worship songs to listen to with a live-in lover, we’re deceiving ourselves. God isn’t fooled by hypocrisy. Being relentlessly good starts with being authentically good.  

Final Thought:  Are you allowing God’s word to transform you into someone who is authentically good?
Prayer: Father, I get caught in a trap of saying what I know is right, but doing the opposite. Please forgive me for being a hypocrite; I want my words to match my deeds and both to line up with your word. Help me change. In Jesus’ name, Amen.