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This Is Us | Story Changing Place | One Voice

This Is Us | Story Changing Place | One Voice

When Jesus rose…he appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom he had driven seven demons. Mark 16:9

Unspeakable days. Tortured nights. Mary’s life had been reduced to a savage fight for survival. Where the demons had come from, she never knew. Maybe during the childhood of abuse, maybe from the craziness she continued on her own, but the hissing voices in her head had been constant tormentors for as long as she could remember. That was Before. For her, neither the calendar nor the sundial held any significance. There was only Before she met Jesus and After. Two different lives. Two different Marys. When Jesus’ voice silenced all the others, the middle of her madness became a story changing place

Maybe you’ve been tortured by a hundred voices, none of them on your side. The words from parents and childhood bullies may still echo inside you. Culture screams from every outlet, and everywhere you turn expectations remind you that you are not enough. The escapes that were supposed to drown out the voices added voices of their own making the clamor inside your head grow louder. Maybe you’re living in the Before. Jesus calls us to live in the After. Surrendering to His voice silences all others. When we choose to listen only to Him, the middle of our madness can become our story changing place.

Final Thought:  Whose voice is driving your decisions? Listen to only one Voice and your story will change.

Prayer: Lord, I am listening a headful of voices, and sometimes they drown out yours. If you could free Mary from the demons that tortured, her can free me too. Teach me to quiet my heart, meditate on your word, and listen only to your voice. Amen.