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This Is Us | Story Changing Place | Story-Changing Mission

This Is Us | Story Changing Place | Story-Changing Mission

“…anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works…”  John 14:12

Kari* (*name changed, story true) sat across from the counselor, twisting a folded worship guide in nervous hands. “Saturday night, I was gonna go home and kill myself,” she whispered through broken teeth. “I’ve lost everything: my kids, my boyfriend kicked me out, my health; no reason to go on. I stopped by the store to get some beer and a man in the checkout line kept talking to me. He invited me to this church, Cedar point. I figured I might as well give God one more shot – I could always kill myself the next day.” Tears coursed down leathery cheeks. “So I came Sunday and I seen this…this ad about counseling. It says, ‘God can help.’” She looked up, wonder in her eyes. “Maybe God put that in there for me, but I don’t know how to find Him.”

An hour later, after hearing the gospel for the first time, Kari sobbed, “I didn’t know none of that! He did that for me? I need Him! That’s what I been missing. I’ve screwed up awful, but if He wants me, I’m His.” She had nothing of value to offer to the Lord except her soul, but He took it and began His transforming work. Kari kicked drugs, regained visitation with her children, and married a man who loved her and the Lord. Together they opened a business and she made enough money to have her meth-destroyed teeth fixed. They plugged into a church and began to serve the Lord. Her story is mirrored by thousands of others because Jesus is in the story-changing business, and His church is to be, for thousands of Kari’s, a story-changing place.

Final Thought:  How is Jesus asking you to help Him in His story-changing mission?
Prayer: Jesus, you have changed me and continue to do so. I’m ready to stop being a taker and start pouring my life into others so their stories can be changed. Thank you for using flawed people like me to help you change stories.  Amen.