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This Is Us | Why Vision Matters | Clear Vision

This Is Us | Why Vision Matters | Clear Vision

Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained, but happy is he who keeps the law.  Proverbs 29:18

Our American founders had a vision for the future of this nation. They wrote out that vision on a document we call The Constitution. Without that documented vision, the United States would have long ago crumbled into anarchy and defeat. Any dictator with enough support could pass laws, demand allegiance, or sell us as slaves to other nations. But that vision restrains them and unifies us. Personal opinion, preference, and power must all bow to that document. Its vision protects the nation.

Churches work the same way. Without a clearly-defined vision, a local church is little more than a thrown-together grouping of consumers. As long as the organization meets their needs, consumers attend. But if X Church down the street has a better whatever, they disappear. The vision of Cedar point Church is to be a story changing place, relentlessly good to our community, and to journey with people as they become fully-devoted followers of Jesus. That vision unifies us. It protects us from personal preferences and power-struggles. We can overlook disagreements and distractions because, like Nehemiah, we are engaged in a great work. Paint color, donut quality, and the number of songs in a service won’t break us apart when we are united under our vision. God’s goal for His church is that each of us uses our gifts, time, and resources to support His vision.

Final Thought:  Find a group of believers who are living out the vision God gave you and commit to serving with them.

Prayer: Lord, I’m through being a consumer. I’m ready to commit to the vision you have for my church and my life. You’ve called me to use my unique gifts, personality, and resources to impact your kingdom. Keep that vision ever before me. Amen.