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This Is Us | Why Vision Matters | God Calling

This Is Us | Why Vision Matters | God Calling

So we decided to leave for Macedonia at once…God was calling us to preach the Good News there. Acts 16:10

“I thought God was calling me to be a missionary when I was a teenager, but life kinda got in the way.”

“I knew God wanted me to preach. But it makes me so nervous to think about, I’ve never pursued it.”

“I believe God told me to stay home to raise my kids. But we want them to have nice things, so I work at an office from 8-5.”

Every time God called someone in the Bible to a great work, they had as many excuses as we do. Sometimes more. God’s visions were rarely easy, usually uncomfortable, and guaranteed to be costly. But they were worth it. The eternal benefits far outweighed any temporary difficulties (2 Cor. 4:17). When Paul knew what God was calling him to do, he left “at once.” He conducted no impact surveys or cultural studies. He had no housing allowance or marketing strategy. He gave no excuses. When God bestows on us the high honor of His vision, instant obedience must be our response. Paul’s obedience to his vision would result in some hardship, but it would also result in God performing a miracle (read the rest of the chapter). Because Paul’s team obeyed at once, the gospel spread into Europe. Many New Testament books are letters to the people in Macedonia.

Final Thought:  Because Paul obeyed “at once,” God used him to change the world. What might result from your obedience?
Prayer: Father, I’m good at excuses, but not so much at instant obedience. I want to retain the right to say ‘no’ if I don’t like your vision. But that makes me the lord of my own life, not Jesus. Please forgive me and help me learn to obey at once. Amen.