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This Is Us | Why Vision Matters | God-Inspired

This Is Us | Why Vision Matters | God-Inspired

 I told them how the gracious hand of God had been on me… So they began the good work.  Nehemiah 2:18

It looks hopeless. You’re tired of trying and getting nowhere. Your prayers seem to go no higher than the ceiling and you wonder if anybody else shares the passion you once had about life. How long must you wander in the darkness with no direction? No help. No encouragement. Distractions pile up and soon you’re far from where you wanted to be. And then…

It might be a little thing: a phone call, an email, a chance encounter with an old friend. But someone fans that tiny flame inside and it flares to life. Like helium filling a balloon, purpose surges into your soul and you’re ready to try again.

That’s how the dejected Israelites felt when Nehemiah showed up. They’d been freed from slavery, but came home to find their beloved city in ruins. What a mess! Where do you start? It was overwhelming, so they did nothing. It was easier to pout in their thrown-together shacks and reminisce about the good ol’ days. But because they were settling for less than God intended for them, He sent Nehemiah.

Nehemiah never considered himself a leader, but he had a vision. Instead of joining the sulking party, he rallied the troops. His passion was like a spark touching dead grass and soon his countrymen had caught that vision. Nehemiah reminded them about how faithful God had been and that He would do it again. His vision became reality when He acted on it. Until we act, a vision is only a fantasy. Leaders are those who motivate others to act on their God-inspired visions.

Final Thought:  What are you doing about your God-inspired visions?

Prayer: Father, am I acting on your vision? Am I as willing as Nehemiah was to act on what you’ve shown me? Am I sulking or stepping out in faith? Help me learn to act on the vision you’ve given me and inspire others to do the same. Amen.