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This Is Us | Why Vision Matters | God’s Vision

This Is Us | Why Vision Matters | God’s Vision

That night Paul had a vision: A man from Macedonia…was pleading with him, “…help us!”  Acts 16:9

One of the greatest missionary endeavors of all time started with a vision. Paul was planning to go in a different direction, a good direction. It made sense and he was sure God was in it—until the vision came. He’d not given a thought to Macedonia, but twice in a matter of days the Holy Spirit had thwarted his plans, blocked his way, and pointed his team in a direction they had not planned to go. It was all preparation for the vision. Had Paul not been in the right place at the right time, he may have considered the vision only a silly dream. But because He was already following the Holy Spirit’s direction, He was willing to go wherever God sent Him. God’s vision became Paul’s vision when his heart was in the right place.

God’s visions often don’t look like we think they should. They may require sacrifice, be of no personal benefit, and seem entirely out of reach. Our visions, however, are usually safe, beneficial to us in some way, and within our ability to achieve. They often spring from personal successes when our egos take flight and the world is our oyster. But as happened with Paul, God’s visions may come to us in the middle of disappointment or setback: we didn’t get the job, the house, or the baby. We were overlooked or underpaid. Not every dream is from God, so our hearts have to be in the right place at the right time in order to discern the difference.

When in doubt about whether a vision is from God, lay it on the altar before Him and take your hands off. Ask Him to confirm whether or not it is from Him. If it is, commit to moving forward. If it is not, walk away.Only when we’re willing to set aside our own visions for our lives are we in position to receive God’s.

Final Thought:  Sometimes that which looks like failure to us is merely God positioning us to receive His vision.
Prayer: Father, I’ve had dreams for my life and most of them never happened. I’m wondering if they were my dreams and not yours. I’m willing now to pursue your vision for my life and let go of all others. Where do you want me? In Jesus’ name, Amen.