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This Is Us | Why Vision Matters | Great Works

This Is Us | Why Vision Matters | Great Works

I replied: “I am engaged in a great work… Why should I stop working to…meet with you?”   Nehemiah 6:3

A great work. What qualifies as a great work? The greedy would call their 90-hour weeks and shady deals “great work” because their bank balance is rising. Celebrities may consider their latest movies or record deals “great work” because thousands of people are cheering them on. Terrorists are assured that their suicide missions are “great work” because the Koran supposedly says so, while thousands of misguided snowflakes assume that a political tantrum is “great work” because they FEEL like it is. While those examples get a lot of attention, do they qualify as “great work?”

Nehemiah understood the definition of a great work. He had held a prestigious position as servant of the king, but never called that a great work. His work became great when it took on eternal significance. All great work originates in the heart of God. Whenever we allow ourselves to be God’s instrument in accomplishing His purposes, we are engaged in a great work. When Nehemiah caught God’s vision of rebuilding the holy city of Jerusalem, his work became great—and it ceased being his. This was God’s work, so discouragements, temptations, and distractions could not deter him. Threats, fears, and challenges only caused him to run to God rather than away from the work, because success was not up to him. His only responsibility was faithful obedience. God would handle the impossible. With that knowledge as our foundation, nothing can stop our great work.

Final Thought:  What great work are you involved in that originated in the heart of God?
Prayer: Father, this church is engaged in a great work. Am I doing my part? Have I caught the vision of what you want to do through me here? Help me see distractions for what they are and refuse to let them defeat me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.