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Unmasked | Anonymous | Check Your Motives

Unmasked | Anonymous | Check Your Motives

But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”  Matthew 6:3

-The Bible and coffee-cup-with-a-verse-on-it caught the slant of morning light as Sheila snapped a few photos and uploaded the best one with the caption: “Time with God. Preparing for the mission trip to Paris. #humbledtobeusedbyhim.”

-“Me and the wife can help the church pay off that loan after my big promotion at work,” Wes announced to everyone around. I’m assistant manager now, making good money. Any other projects you got around here, Pastor? We’re generous people!”

What’s wrong with posting a photo of a Bible or offering financial help? Nothing. But the reasons behind the actions are of more interest to the Lord.  Motives are slippery. We’re not always sure of our own reasons for doing the things we do. Had Sheila really spent her morning in prayer and worship, or was she more concerned that people THINK she had? Was Wes truly concerned about the church finances or was he hoping to let people know how well off he was?  Would either of them have been as eager to do what they did if no one ever knew about it? Jesus reminds us to check our motives when we give, serve, or sacrifice. Doing something generous for God’s praise is a good reason; doing it for the praise of others is not.

Final Thought:  It can be difficult for us to know our own motives, but the Lord will reveal them to us if we ask Him to.
Prayer: Father, sometimes my reason for doing good deeds is totally selfish. I want people to be impressed or think I’m a great Christian. However, I need to get serious about my motives. I want to do things for the right reasons. Will you help me? Amen.